“To Infinity & Beyond”

Toy Story - Buzz Lightyear Talking Action Figure - Thinkway - Toys"R"Us
These days, one can easily find my 31 month old son running around, shouting with gusto and conviction, “To infinity and beyond!”.  I’m pretty sure he has no idea what it means, which makes it more comical and simultaneously love-able.

What exactly should we bring “to infinity and beyond”?  Is this simply a mathematical possibility, or can human beings affect infinity (never mind beyond it)?  To word it better, is there anything worth taking to infinity and beyond?!

I have not arrived at a satisfactory answer.  The questions, however, led me to think about what I would like my son to bring with him throughout his life (his limited infinity & beyond)?  Is it confidence to face life and its trials with self-assuredness?  Or, deep, unwavering conviction that he is wholly and unconditionally loved?  Perhaps, be the manifestation of a soul of an ever-patient and kind counsellor/friend/mentor?

To this, I am astonished at my greed.  I want all of these for my son, and more.  Happiness, peace, generosity, loyalty, and the many virtues we should aspire to.  Such is a mother’s hope and prayer.

What is it you dare dream for your loved ones?

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