A Goodbye Kiss to Grannie

A Goodbye Kiss to Grannie

Pippi Longstocking’s House, Sweden (1920s)

She was 96 years young, our matriarch, and we owe much of ourselves to her.  She was kind, caring and loving no matter what condition her health was in.  And, she lived a Godly life.

We will miss her.  In our own ways, according to how we have known her, we will grieve her passing.  Yet, I have every confidence that when we meet together to remember, we will celebrate her life.  We will recall the stories she told to her children and her children’s children.  We will reminisce stories of old Sweden and the long passage to Canada.  We will re-tell her new life in a new country, of farm country and hard lived days.  Then, we will re-live, in the spirit of love and admiration, the days children remembers of Mother.

As for me, I will give thanks for the gift of Grannie in adulthood and the opportunity to know a great lady.

Do you cherish your Grannie, Mom, Aunt, Sister or Friend?  Tell them you love them today.

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