Reason for the Season (Evangelist Uses Social Media)

With the advent of social media, Religion has found new, creative and unsuspecting forum of re-entering our lives.  Take, for example, Facebook and Twitter, the two most common social media for the average person.  FB was only founded in 2004, and Twitter followed two years later.  They have yet to celebrate their first decade.  These facts only enforce my stance that Religion is creeping back into our lives and without any direct, purposeful efforts on our part.  The well-known and much loved Evangelist Billy Graham has been quite ill with another bout of respiratory infection.  His family and ministry have asked the world to pray for his recovery.  The fact I know this is astounding, largely because I have never visited his website or asked for any updates about him.  While I admire this Godly man and have been touched by his fervor and commitment, I did not intend to keep abreast of his welfare or ministry efforts.  Yet, recently while dutifully checking my FB account, a news feed about this Man of God was one of the top items on my reading list.  Now, I find myself thinking about God’s plans for His faithful servant.  I thought deeply about my beliefs and how they measure to his.  During my Christmas shopping just two weeks before “D-day”, I overheard several women talking about Mr. Billy Graham and one of the crusades that they had attended.  Indeed, it is amazing grace that this is a Christmas Seasons in a long time that I am reminded of Jesus, the Reason for the Season!


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