Daily Prompt: Moment of Clarity, or Not?

Daily Prompt:  Moment of Clarity, or Not?
This is not happening. I have not strayed one inch from my morning routine. I am the epitome of consistency, better than clockwork, the easiest target for an assassin with his first kill job, so says my Dad.

Everything is still there, all accounted for, even though I am absolutely certain I did it like I always do. The saying goes: when all else fails, try again. So I did.

Rising levels? No. Please stop. Stop. Now, please. STOP!

I am shaking in cold sweat, thankful that my mental powers of persuasion worked just in time. I look around and find the usual suspects: a can of Ajax, stand-up brush, Mr. Clean with spray nozzle, plunger with wooden arm. Ah ha! Drum roll please……the winner is the plunger.

I lift the plunger gingerly and flip it upside down to look under the brown rubber shaped mug-bowl. Where are the instructions?! Great! Why can’t they just leave the instructions in there? Smart-a**! Now what?

Am I supposed to stick this whole thing into the toilet bowl? Or scoop the yucky stuff out first?

A woman’s gotta do what a woman’s gotta do! We can handle labor pains. This is nothing. No pain involved.

I put on the over-sized yellow rubber gloves my husband uses for cleaning around the bathroom. A bit big on me, but it will do. It took a bit of muscle strength to pull the brown rubber mug-bowl out of the wooden stick. I made sure I had a bucket to help me transport the debris from the toilet bowl to the bath tub.

Holding the mug-bowl of the plunger in just the right way, similar to scooping fish water out of the aquarium, I dip into the toilet bowl, filled the mug-bowl, and carefully raise the contents into the bucket. Take two steps to the left towards the bath tub, and pour into the sink.

Everything did NOT go down the sink. I turn on the tap, using hot water for a bit of sanitizing, and the “floaters” crumbled easily and went down the sink hole. Nicely done! I am so proud of myself. Repeat.

I am glowing with the pride of an Olympian who just received a gold medal for the entire world to see!

There’s a knock on the door. My husband is asking me what I’m doing in there. We’re going to be late. He opens the door and after a while, closes it, but not before revealing a very troubled look on his face. A look I do not often see. I take a moment to gather my thoughts.

As I take stock of what I have been doing, my husband returns to the bathroom and tells me to stop whatever I’m doing. The plumber is on his way. Plumber: A trades person who specializes in installing and maintaining systems used for potable (drinking) water, sewage, and drainage in plumbing systems.

I really do not mind doing the dirty work once in a while, you know.

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