When It Feels Good

This morning, I had a feel good conversation with my Dad.  Our topics ranged from the weather to their weekend activities to updates regarding my son’s developments, and we chatted about some of our exchanges with various members of the family.

My relationship with Dad tends to lean on the good side and we see many things eye to eye.  For subject matters where we differ we can accept each others’ point of view.

I suspect we get along because Dad was only twenty years old when I was born.  As the first born of four children who are generally three to four years apart, I was expected to set an example for my younger siblings.  Somewhere between growing up as Daddy’s girl and becoming an adult, our relationship matured.

I am thankful that Dad and I can talk about many things.  Today, I realized that we have cultivated a mutual respect for each other.  This feels good.  Very good!

Dad, I love you.

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