Prisoners: Hugh Jackman & Jake Gyllenhaal

Movie Review: Yummy Hunks (Prisoners: Hugh Jackman & Jake Gyllenhaal)

Thanks to more than a handful of superb performances and great reviews in such blockbusters as “Brokeback Mountain”, “Jarhead”, “Love & Other Drugs” and “Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time”, just to list a few, the name Jake Gyllenhaal not only raises the heart rate of female fans but also us running to movie theaters! If you do not know Gyllenhaal, also known as Jacob Benjamin Gyllenhaal, it is time you do. I highly recommend you start with “Prisoners” (2013) where he is yummy.

Did I say yummy? Yes, I did. He plays a competent Detective Lokie who has a perfect record for crime solving in his department and you want so much for him to nail this case too. He is dedicated to his job so there are scenes where he is doing police work in his car, night and day. We get to see him interrogating suspects, going through evidence and files, looking at surveillance or video footage. For once, the part of the police officer has smarts written into it! Not only does Detective Lokie have a brain that leads him ever closer catching the culprit, in this character role, Gyllenhaal can also think on his feet, walking, running, climbing, jumping over fences.  You can imagine how excited I got!  Hold out for scenes where he gives good chase and has THE moves, but be forewarned, there is also a part that is sure to gross you out of your seat!

“Prisoners” is an adrenaline pumped, emotionally charged movie. The premise of “Prisoners” is that two little girls who are best friends disappear right under their parents’ watch.  This movie introduces the antagonist almost right away so there is ample time and scenes for character development.  The adult roles are well played and well written so that viewers can decide for themselves who possesses the moral compass we admire.

For those who hate movies that leave you hanging, this is not one of them. “Prisoners” sets up the story, gives insight into the characters, and then concludes with you knowing what happened to the girls and what the future holds everyone affected by the abduction.  The ending of this movie is definitely does not leave room for doubt or conjecture.

The other character that is huge in “Prisoners” is also yummy. He is none other than our hunky, tall, dark and handsome X-men star Hugh Jackman. This time, he does not have super powers but he delivers a super performance. He makes viewers agonize with him, and you will find yourself wrestling with what you would do if you were in his shoes. Hugh Jackman made me believe he is the poor girl’s father. He made me want to be his child with the way he related to his children. For my next life, I signed up to be his wife.

In addition to excellent performance by Gyllenhaal, Jackman and pretty much all of the characters, I would like to deliver a huge applause and standing ovation for the kid actors.  Without their acting abilities, this movie would not be as realistic and entertaining.  So, kudos to all four of them and I will be keeping an eye out, that’s for sure.

If you are still not convinced, let me say this if only to sway you to my side:  there are too many great scenes of good dialogue and great acting with both dudes.  Jake Gyllenhaal and Hugh Jackman TOGETHER!  Don’t forget your popcorn!

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