I Spammed??!!?

one of my new year’s resolution is to write.  write anything, anyhow, for anywho.

somehow i stumbled onto iWriter.com, and then a few others.  i was super excited about iWriter at the get go because it allowed a noob like me to get started.  oh the euphoria!  imagine a wannabe writer who just resolved to start writing and somehow able to do so and get paid for it.  i didn’t care how much they were gonna pay.  i was just thrilled beyond belief.

so three weeks later, i am still writing.  ya, i’m proud of me too.  they say that it takes 21 days to make a habit.  🙂  but i’ve stumbled a little bit and learned a lot.  what did a freelancer writer learn? please read on:

1.  feedback is good and dandy, but always consider the source.  if it comes from a fellow writer whose objective is to give you constructive feedback, the criticism will prove useful.  but, if it comes from a client, s/he may have a bias because s/he has to pay you for what you did, and if s/he does not have to, and the system/service does not bar “borrowing” your work, then…(yup, you guess it.)

2.  take time to know your client/buyer.  if their states show that they have an approval rating of 50% or lower, it means that they have rejected as many or more writers than they accepted.  i think i’m a good writer, but that’s just my opinion.  choose a buyer who likes paying for the work they commission.

3.  enjoy the craft.  if writing is a hobby, don’t let others rob you of the pleasure you get from writing.  if my forte is writing garbage (yes, i deliberate dropped the preposition), then so be it.  let the reader decide if it is worth their while to read my work.  free country, yadda yadda yadda.

4.  celebrate every moment.  before you say this point is the same as number 3, hear me out.  what i mean is this:  even when someone calls my work “spam” and made this review for all my potential employers to see, i will celebrate this moment.  firstly, the reviewer had to read my “spam” work.  secondly, it will probably catch more attention than the polite and obligatory, “good work” or “thank you”.

now, i bet it is not often writers are told their hard work and quality article using authorized sources got labelled as “spam”.  if you are lucky enough to get one, give me a shout.  if we can find five of us, we should consider forming a club.  there’s no shame in it.

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