Rollercoaster Lunch

Q: What do you think about cheese sandwiches for lunch?

A:  Ya.  I was actually thinking about it yesterday.

Feeling cool.

Q:  Ok.  I’ll make some.  We have some montreal smoked meat from the deli.  Should I add them?

A:  Er…Sure.   Well…maybe…Oh alright, sure!

Undecided.  Unsure.

Lunch came and went.  No cheese sandwiches.

No problem.  Easy does it.

Q:  Hey, want sushi?  Sushi boat?  Sushi boat!  Endless options of yummy sushi.  Yum Yum.

Excited!  Yay!

Subway Sub sandwich? Confused.

No Sushi.  No Sushi Boat.  Disappointed.  Mad!!!


Hungry.  Ate subway sandwich.  Tummy filled.  Yummy.  Happy.


Tomorrow, Sushi?  Hopeful.

Daily Prompt

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