Writing Sense

What could be better than writing sense?  What greater cause could there be to writing sense?  Sensible writing is akin to time well invested and writing sensibly is a calling of vocation as worthy as any other.

The art of writing is creation at its best.  A splash of color, a dash of emotion, a brush with chance, put together can become the backdrop upon a canvas that was once virgin territory.  A character and a personality make a scene in center stage.  They breathe life into the story and the plot awakens!  Adventure and events co-mingle, twisting and turning.  Everything marches, dives, falls and dances towards a single point, in the end.

Sense in writing is neither art nor science.  It simply is the writer’s intention.  The science of writing perfects this beautiful art.  Sentence structure frames the story while grammatical rules guide it.  The protagonist and the antagonist cross paths from story exposition to rising action to climax to falling action and denouement.  They arrive at the end.  

Now the writer’s work is done.  Writing makes sense.  Sense is important.  So is the writer.  The writer’s sense, on the hand, may not need to be.

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