Ghost In Her Book Jacket

The twelfth installment, “Ghosts in Her Ears”, of the popular book series, Ghostly Conversations, has finally arrived to much fanfare and anticipation.  Ghostly Conversations unexpectedly garnered a huge fan base across all age demographics. The long awaited continuing saga reveals more encounters with the phantom beings of the metaphysical world.

Ghosts In Her Ears” tells of two menacing ghosts, Goo-Goo and Boo-Boo who through disappearing acts and ear-piercing screams attempt to frustrate Princess Tiki-Wiki’s efforts to save Donkey Kong from regret and self-loathing.  Will Princess Tiki-Wiki be able to convince Donkey Kong that even though he tried to hurt Mario and girlfriend Pauline using barrels and fireballs, a turn at the confessional booth can save his soul?  Will Donkey Kong be able to find true forgiveness?

Other books in “Ghostly Conversations”:

Ghosts Read Her Diary, Ghosts Did Her Homework, Ghosts Dance At Her Party, Ghosts Hacked Into Her iPhone &

Ghost Busters, Thir13en Ghosts, Ghost Rider, Ghost World, Ghost Ship, Ghosts Hunter, Ghost Shark.

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