Confounded: America The Beautiful

We’ve heard of miracle babies?  Well, this is a miracle post.

I’m dumbstruck, bewildered, confused and muddled. I could go but you get the point, I’m sure.   The fact that words appear on this blog while I’m at a loss for words makes this a modern-day miracle.

Some Americans were offended that America the Beautiful was sung in different languages in the Coca Cola Superbowl ad?  Some are even calling for a boycott of the company!  For background information, quick snapshot at CBC Community Blog  includes Coca Cola Superbowl Ad & reactions.

See, from where I stand, it is a good thing that something is recognized in foreign tongues.  I consider it prestigious when something is internationally recognized.  When something you recognize and treasure as “yours” is being accepted and embraced by another, it is good thing also.  Not only is it a great compliment, it is a gesture of friendship.

I got a kick out of anchorwoman’s Brenda Wood of WXIA in Atlanta comments.  She reminded her audience that America borrowed their language from the English, imposed on the Native Americans and adopted their song from a British professor who “outed” her homosexuality

So, why the opposition?  I’d be laughing if I were not still confounded.  I still do not understand what those who are upset are upset about?  Is this a “first world problem”?


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