Man And Woman Eat Space Cookies !

always very good!

Edward Hotspur


Man And Woman Eat Space Cookies!

“Hey, you wanna… you know…” Her question was as vague as that other thing from before.

“Not tonight. I have a headache.” He shut her down faster than the Giants defense, or, you know, internet porn.

“That’s not what I meant.” She was as indignant as a homeless person in shorts, if you didn’t know what ‘indignant’ meant and thought it meant poor.

“Well what did you mean, then? Huh? What?” He was as inquisitive as a flock of owls at night that said ‘what’ instead of ‘who’.

“I meant the thing that we talked about earlier.” She was as vaguely repetitive as the thing from before, if you did that thing from before one more time without realizing it and no one said anything because they were doing something else from some other time.

“We talked about a lot of things earlier. Which…

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