Trend Setter Extravanganza

Daily Prompt: Describe your favorite fashions from days of yore or current trends you think are stylin’.

I am not one for keeping up with popular fashion.  I’m the get out of bed, brush my teeth and match a clean solid color t-shirt to one of my three pair of comfort fit jeans, and off I go.  I grab coffee from the staff lounge before I stop by my cubicle.

I have a major shopping spree 3 times a year, at most.  That happens either because unexpected money fell from the sky or more than 2 of my current supply of shirts are getting too sheer for the office or actually have holes in them.

You’d be glad to know, however, that I do have the galls to be a trend setter extravaganza. I started decorating my shirts and jeans with baby pins.  So long as it looks like a safety pin, it went on my shirts.  Then I started collecting smaller pins to hang onto larger pins and the latter were pinned to my shirts.

At 15-17, a teenager is afforded the right to freedom of expression.  The license to choose what she will eat, wear, say, voice, express and affiliate with is entirely within her right.  I exercise all that and more to my greatest delight!  As for what my parents had to endure, bless them for their long suffering and awesomeness!

6 thoughts on “Trend Setter Extravanganza

  1. I could not have imagined that it is safety pin if you have not mentioned , but i really liked the idea , but it really makes me wonder though, what will happen if accidentally one of them opened and prick ???


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