Write to Life

Daily Prompt: Walking on the Moon.  What giant step did you take where you hoped your leg wouldn’t break? Was it worth it, were you successful in walking on the moon, or did your leg break?

Blue ink began to flow from the tip of the pen and her hand weaved one letter after another, and another, and soon words began to make sense on the white paper.  The sun was made to shine brightly as the larks sang heartily to awaken the first morning on the day the world was born.  Before I realized it, I was facing the horizon with my eyes closed and my face lifted to greet the mountains that were silhouetted against the dawn.  The distance between us was too far for meaning touch, yet we were part of the whole so that behind us, the new world continued to form and shape itself into creatures, plants, meadows, rocks and trees.

When I looked down, I saw that I had a pair of brown leather boots that wrapped around my shins all the way to my knees, and my hands were snugly fitted with pair of matching gloves.  My long, straight hair danced in the breeze and told me I was alive.

The writer created this world for me and enabled me to walk in it.  I am more than a character in her story.  I am alive.

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