The Ex-Wife Of Frankenstein

lol…awesome! You did it again E Hotspur!

Edward Hotspur

Grizelda unplugged herself from the wall charger station computer terminal transformer power converter thingy and walked into the kitchen for some breakfast: Grape Nuts And Bolts. Once she had her morning lubricant and had fully powered up, she remembered that today was the big day. The day that the divorce was final.

Bob was an okay guy, but she was sick and tired of all his ideosyncracies. The way he walked, all stiffly and robotically, was embarrassing. He refused to see a chiropractor or a mechanic. His hygiene was atrocious, he didn’t know enough to come in out of the rain (which actually helped with the hygiene a bit), and the neighbors and all their friends were starting to snicker behind their backs. He refused to change! All those fucking grunts instead of talking! And when he did talk, it was to say something SUPER witty like “Fire burn” or…

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