Hey World!

Would you like to be friends?  Often, people say that the world is getting smaller since the emergence of the world wide web.  Somehow, my mind creates an image of connected communities that links individuals together like the stars in the sky.  This week, a new reality has finally sunk in.

Canadian news sites reported on the unimaginable run down of a Canadian soldier in Quebec and the shooting of a reservist at Parliament Hill in Ottawa.  Details of the fatalities and video streams of actual footage seems all too real.  Lives lost in which strangers chanced meetings in the open, over clashing worldviews.

Maybe it is time to teach and practice tolerance?  Let’s start by saying “hello”.  Would you like to be my friend?  Shall we meet over cyberspace and help make the world a safer place?

2014 September 006 (2)

I would like to extend the first handshake, and share this card that I made with my own hands as a show of my sincerity.  Please feel free to share with others.

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