Hang In There!

When I woke up this morning, I was disoriented and could not recollect what day it was.  That quickly spiraled down into a yucky, sluggish morning that even my usual morning coffee would not improve.

I went to bed on time, and I was properly hydrated.  I had not ruminated on any worries of late and thought my disposition was, though not quite cheery, at the very least on an even keel.

So, I remembered my card, “Hang In There”, that I had made.  At the time I made it, I thought of birds on the telephone wire looking down at the world of people bustling by.  They were quiet witnesses to the tell tale faces.  What do birds think of people and  how we live out our days?


And while the birds hanging on to the wires in steady balance, how are we hanging on.  I hope this card will encourage someone who is downtrodden or in need of a pat on the shoulders.  Do you know anyone who might need a helping hand, an email or a phone call?

Share your thoughts!

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