OK to Say Sorry

It should be safe to say that at one time or another, most of us have found ourselves undoubtedly knee deep in the wrong.  Whichever way we view our unfortunate position, we owe someone a five letter word: sorry.  There’s just no way out.

We twisted this way and that, squirmed and wiggled here and there, looked up and down and even tried closing our eyes to make the situation disappear.  Some of us fast talkers tried to justify our mistakes.  Like I said, there’s just no way out.  Or in.

The only way to feel right again is to apologize.  Yup, say “sorry”.  And, mean it.

And, what’s weird about apologies is that you have to mean it.  Saying “sorry” while angry, proud, untruthful, or any of those less than genuine emotions cancels the apology, and we find ourselves back in square one, or even worse, minus one!

I made a “sorry” card and made sure it was pretty and genuine, so as to soften the blow.  Let me know what you think!

Sorry BeezGiftz

Sorry BeezGiftz

So, before we find ourselves in hot water, let’s just settle this once and for all.  It IS okay to say, “Sorry”.  You’ll be fine.  Trust me, and good luck.

One thought on “OK to Say Sorry

  1. I think being able to say sorry is equally important as being able to forgive.
    One has to be humble enough to admit mistakes and transgressions, and be able to apologise for it.


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