Live Life in Full Colours

A new born baby’s eyes continues to develop after birth.  In the beginning, their eyes can detect black, white and bold colours.  As the newborn grows, their eyes begin to learn to process other colours, to the point where the average child is able to parse bold, light and even shades of the same colour family.



Consider in photography that while pictures can be developed in glossy, matte, soft and many other options for presentation purposes, black and white photos continue to bring about a sense of nostalgia.  It seems that given the many attractive and creative photo options, black and white remains a highly popular choice.

In this same way, I find that some greeting cards are most charming or poignant in black and white.  They bring a sense of the classic, and tugs at the heart strings.  Despite all the colour options such as pink ribbons,, silver cardstock paper, textured paper, beautiful artwork and quality designer papers, black and white most often stands out.

B&W Tux,

B&W Tux,

However, living our life in the absence of colours can mean that we’ve chosen to stop seeing the beauty in Mother Nature.  Life is meant to be lived in full colours – when we can see the subtle pink within the red roses, or the beautiful patterns of the butterfly.  When we choose our outfits and accessorize with a purple leather handbag, we walk with a spring in our step.

Colour Flower

Colour Flower

Before we head out tomorrow, let’s take a colour with us, be it a broach, fashion ring, nail polish or snazzy shoes.  Live your life in full colours starting today!  And send us your pictures.  We will be happy to post them here for you!  Cheers!

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