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Gluten is a protein complex found in wheat, barley, rye and triticale.  A gluten-free diet is the sole medical treatment for celiac disease.  A smaller minority adheres to the gluten-free diet for management of inflammatory skin condition or dermatitis.


It has been noted that Gluten-free diets are on the rise and have gone mainstream.  Celebrities and professional athletes have started dropping gluten from their own diets, and so the gluten-free lifestyle has become fashionable as well.  Whatever the basis for adhering to the gluten-free diet, proponents report that they have noticed increased energy levels, weight loss and less health problems such as fewer headaches, fatigue, abdominal bloating and excess gas.


Due to the life-changing benefits of the GF Diet, demand for GF products have increased exponentially.  Consumers are on the lookout for GF cereals from General Mills and Kellogg’s.  The publishing industry has been filling bookshelves with GF subject related books.  Now, the public is hungering for GF cookbooks, recipes, diet books, and more.


Are you compiling a GF cookbook with recipes that support the GF diet?  Have you collected GF recipes or modified your favorite recipes into GF recipes?  Maybe, you have researched the diet and lifestyle so that you have a GF Guidebook.  Perhaps you have something about GF that no one has thought of.

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