Wood Work – Global Business Pages

Are you a skilled carpenter with proven years of experience?  Would you like to make your woodwork projects available to interested clients far and wide?

Global Business Pages (GBP)  is an business enterprise primed to help businesses and individuals market their products, skills and services to local and international markets.   GBP provides connections to consumers, clients, buyers and potential networks in your area of expertise.  These connections are as near as your country of residence as well as in countries around the world.

Do you make furniture for the home that is distinctly yours?  Some examples could be dollhouses, monogramed stools, birdhouses, mantles or wall décor for the home?  Perhaps, you make seasonal carpentry projects like wooden signs with holiday wishes, nativity scenes, Halloween décor for outdoor display or mailboxes and wooden plaques for family names?

If you make products that are rustic by design like outdoor picnic tables, benches or barbecue furnishings, you may have a skillset that is highly sought after.  Family homes with backyards often like wood based décor.  Country woodcrafts have a loyal following.

There is a growing interest for woodcrafts for kids as children learn to make toys and projects using wood products.  Do you make small assembly pieces for this purpose?  Along these lines, do you make toys for children that are reminders of play items in decades gone by?

Other ideas are quality hand-crafted cabinet, baseball glove for bat & ball, tray holder, kitchen ware, dish holder, wood turners, long bows, wooden boards, planters, small cabinets, mini shelves, chests, bookends, animals, picture frames, toys and more.

If carpentry is your expertise and you possess the ability to make creative items for the home, schools, outdoors and at play, you will be surprised how easy it is to make your products available via Global Business Pages.  All you have to do is showcase your products and wait for the customers to come to you.  Contact us for more details.

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