Cat Litter

As an experienced cat owner, I have done my fair bit of research when it comes to the best cat litter. To be listed as the best cat litter, the product has to be a well-known product to many homes and be resoundingly approved by the average cat owner. Most importantly, it has to do what it is meant to do!

If you are a cat owner like me, you may be very thankful to Ed Lowe who introduced cat litter to the world. It was he who used the term “cat litter”. Interesting, too, is that cat litter is a relatively new invention. Ed. Lowe only came up with this now “must-have” item in 1948. Whatever did cat owners do before 1948?

Ever since I became a cat lover and started having my own cats, I thought of myself as a parent. Over the years, my cats have become my children. They mean the world to me and I expend a lot of time and energy taking care of every single one of them.

Like a new parent, I have flipped countless pages of Names books before deciding on the perfect name for my new cat. I have seen my friends who are expecting their babies do the same. The new arrival’s name must mean something special and they must be able to stand the test of time. The name must “fit” and be “right” for its bearer, too.

Choosing the best cat litter for my new cat is somewhat like new parents choosing their babies’ crib or high chair. The product has to be a quality product that is safe and proven. If the product presents a problem, every parent will be diligent in returning said product to the store to give another recommendation a critical eye before bringing a replacement home.

I am reminded of my best friend’s first child, a girl she named Lily. We scoured every toy and baby store in every direction three months before Lily’s anticipated arrival. Our mission was to find her the best crib ever designed. It had to be a specific designer series and made from dark maple wood with 3 height adjustments for the sliding panel for a good price. We shed tears of joy when we finally found it! Of course, it was the store’s very last one. We were lucky to have it because it was the last leaning against the wall, behind all 12 of the other boxes of cribs.

Afterwards, I recalled thinking to myself why we had gone to such lengths for a crib. Aren’t cribs standardized to specific regulations? Is there really that much difference in crib types?

My perspective changed when I brought home my very first kitten of eight weeks old, a white and auburn brown male Calico.  No, I did not go to every pet store in town, but I visited a handful. I talked to some of the shoppers in each of them and asked what they thought about the stores’ products. I read everything the pet magazines printed about cat care, grooming, diet, exercise, habits, sleep, toys, etc. I made sure I bought small amounts of different cat food, treats, cat litter. I didn’t stop until I was satisfied that I had the best cat litter, the most nutritious treats and Salsa’s favourite brand of cat food. For a while, I even brought home a new toy every time I bought myself something.

To me, my cat was my child. My friend had Lily and a few more subsequent children at the top of her list of priorities. Often, she put her own needs after theirs. If truth be known, and I will let you in on my secret: Salsa is the first of a few more to come, and I, too, place their needs ahead of my own. As I see it, pet owners and parents are really not that different.

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