Charms – Jewelry

Jewellery has always been a much-favored choice of gift particularly for women.  Jewellery expresses heartfelt sentiments like love, thanks, and appreciation so much so that special occasions such as Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Birthdays and Anniversaries have become synonymous with jewellery gift giving, including charms due to its personalize-able feature.

There is a charm for everyone!  Charms come in many shapes and sizes, and the variety is as vast as the stars in the night sky.  There is a stiletto charm for the shoe shopper, a flip-flop charm for the beach lover, a martini charm for the bartender, and a pair of scissors charm for the professional tailor or seamstress.

When the occasional calls for it, “#1 Mom” charms in various forms, styles and models are available for Mother’s Day and even for all the other days of the year to help make Mom feel special on her birthday.  A graduation hat charm or a rolled up diploma tied with a ribbon charm are perfect for the graduate during Graduation season.

For Valentine’s Day, the selection of charms is endless.  “I Love You”, “I (heart) U”, key charms, heart-shaped charms, heart with keyhole charms, bouquet of roses, kissing lips, and so on.  Sending a personalized Valentine’s Day gift is easier than ever.  For lovers who have a special story, they can select a charm that signifies their relationship.  For the couple who may have met under unique circumstances, there is a charm to represent their meeting.  Even those couples who are celebrating their silver jubilee, a “25” charm marks this awesome milestone!

Charms are made of different materials.  Silver and gold charms are preferred.  So are charms that contain enamel, glass, FIMO, clay, gems, rock, wood or shell.  European charms specifically are made from gold, silver or Murano glass.  Italian charms, on the other hand, tend to lie flat versus the more “rounded” style.  Beads make great charms, too.

In addition, charms are attached by charm-links and are added to jewellery pieces like bracelets or necklaces.  These holders are called charm bracelets.  European and Italian charm bracelets are trendy and stylish.  Charm bracelets are available in silver, gold, platinum, silver plated metals, gold plated metals, and untarnished metals, just to name a few options.  Some jewellery makers have their signature charm bracelets made specifically to hold their own distribution of charms.  Although there are well-named companies that produce specific charm product lines, many product lines are just as highly preferred.

Finally, this industry has seen a growing number of charm collectors.  They collect vintage charms that were made in the late twentieth century.  Movie fanatics can even add movie themed or character inspired charms.  Take the movie series “Pirates of the Caribbean” for example; crosses and skulls became must-have charms.

Having said all this, most shoppers are looking for special charms that are meant lovingly and specially for their intended individual.  We are confident, therefore, that our selection will meet their needs.  There is a charm for almost everyone, available through us!

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