Diamondback Bikes

Diamondback Bicycles is a well-known bicycle brand.  The Diamondback Bicycles headquarters is located in Kent, Washington but fans can purchase Diamondbacks around the world in countries such as Australia, Canada, Bangladesh and the United Kingdom.  The company was originally founded as a BMX brand by Western Coast Industries of Camarillo, California in 1977.


In 1999, Derby Cycle Corporation owned and merged Raleigh Bicycle Company and Diamondback Bicycles.  Since 2001, Derby Cycle Corporation sold Raleigh and Diamondback, but the latter two continue to have the same owners which include Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance, the Cascade Bicycle Club, Bikes Belong and the International Mountain Bike Association.



Diamondback Bicycle’s technology is top of the line with its AMMP Advanced Monocoque competition road series carbon fibre frame.  Also, its 29er design for the taller rider to go faster over obstacles, improve cornering and straight line momentum and stability.  A popular design feature of the Diamondback is the Knuckle Box suspension.  This innovation comes with the Diamondback models of Sortie, Mission and Scapegoat full suspension mountain bikes.  Diamondback’s full suspension bikes are known to be the best quality in the cycling world.  The Knuckle Box design minimizes pedal feedback which in turn makes the ride all the smoother.



Diamondback Bicycles is touted as a unique company.  In this industry, competitors are hesitant to sell online because bicycles require regular maintenance, fitting to size, tune ups, component tweaking and technical care.        Face time is simply too important to do without.  DB, however, is willing to take the first step into the new ecommerce frontier for the industry.


DB has been doing rather well in its ecommerce enterprise.  By eliminating the middle man, DB can shave several hundred dollars from their ticket price.  Undeniably good price, stand-up bike engineering and quality reputation, DB has made itself ever more accessible to its fans.  For the rider that needs assembly assistance, the cost is just a low $60 from the local bike store.


Should any warranty issues arise, the DB website provides the contact information and a dealer location service.  As a bonafied company that makes bicycles for everyone regardless of riding ability or experience, ranging from racing to freestyle bikes, warranty related problems from a Diamondback bicycle is almost unheard of.


Furthermore, a quick look at the Diamondback team dubbed TEAM DF5 (Development Force 5), the DB brand name is steadfast and sure.  Just ask Kelly McGarry, Eric Porter, Billy Lewis, Kyle Thomas, Charlie Sponsel, Simon Lawton and Carson Storch.  The remarkable results of DB’s racing teams of Kelly Benefit Strategies and Allegiant Air speak volumes as to the brand’s quality and high performance.


As stated earlier, Diamondback Bicycles is an all-encompassing brand.  DB has bicycles for all budgets on all pavements.  There are road, cyclocross, alternative road, performance hybrid, dual sport, casual, women’s, and youth.  In their mountain bike department, fans can easily find types with full suspension, hard tail, 29er, 27.5, dual sport, women’s mountain, and youth mountain.  Of course, the BMX available for jump, street or park and race, should not be excluded.


The cycling enthusiast knows that a $300 DB bike gives a sweet ride.  However with a little bit more, such as an investment of $500 will mean bringing home a high end super quality Diamondback bike.  That’s a lot of bang for your buck!


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