Dog Training

When it comes to the business of dog training and dog training tips, there is no one as successful and practical as the “Dog Whisperer” himself.  Widely noted as THE “guru” of training dogs and dog owners alike, Cesar Millan’s strategies and principles are proven and time tested.

This is perhaps one of the most important of dog training tips:  the human being as pet owner must act as the pack leader, and a strong one at that!  If the owner cannot master this relationship, consider relegating the task of training your dog to an expert.  You may wish to consider training yourself as well?

Being a strong pack leader means that you dictate how your dog should behave, what its routine should be, and how it should relate to the pack and your family.  If your dog destroys furniture, barks incessantly or shows inability to manage its emotions, it is up to you to correct these issues from the earliest onset.  Dog training begins at puppy hood because even as puppies they are capable of understanding proper training and guidelines.

A competent dog owner exercises leader of the pack responsibility by ensuring that the dog gets adequate exercise, appropriate discipline and suitable affection.  A common mistake dog owners make is furnishing their dogs with too much affection.  The lack of discipline or exercise with an overabundance of affection tends to introduce emotional instability and behavior problems.

With that said, dogs require the right amount of exercise according to their size and breed.  If after two walks a day routine, your dog continues to show it has more energy, adding another walk may be necessary.  On the other hand, if you repeated find broken furniture after the dog has been on its own, consider attending to the animal’s need for attention and affection.  A brisk walk each morning will help unleash pent up energy from the previous night’s rest and goes a long way in keeping the house intact.

Finally, a calm owner brings about a calm pet.  Like children, pets look consider their owners/pack leaders their role models and prime example.  If you are a relaxed owner, your pet will tend to be calm and submissive.  If you are of the more excitable characteristic, it may be difficult for your pet to be constantly composed.  In the same manner as parenting, your training must be consistent.  Another one of the more important dog training tips:  If you adhere the rules you have set, your dog is more apt to obey.

Remember, love makes the world go round, or so they say.  Make a point of rewarding good behavior and keeping a positive perspective at all times.  You and your dog will both be very glad you did!  Woof.

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