Motorbiking The EU

The European Commission clarified new rules pertaining to driving regulations in member states of the European Union via a driving license application that is more convenient and accessible than ever before.  The good news extends to travelers and residents alike in terms of motor biking across Europe.

Driving License Application:  European Union

Best news is that just one driving license application applies for motor biking across Europe.  While few individuals will venture to motorbike across all the members states of the EU, some 110 different countries in that vast continent, many move across multiple countries.  With this one system of regulation, the driving license application promotes safe and easy movement of drivers.

One Card Shall Rule Over All

The new European driving license slotted to become fully converted in all member states by 2033 or earlier.  The driving license:

  1. Is mandatory;
  2. Feels like a plastic “credit card”;
  3. Will include holder’s picture;
  4. Gives personal information of the holder like birth-date, birth place,  signature, and address;
  5. States the license number, license categories, first issuing date of the category, expiry date of the category, restrictions by number code and personal number in bar code format;
  6. Applies to all types of modes of transportation in general, except for very small vehicular types;
  7. Includes expiry dates according to transport type, from a minimum of 5 to a maximum of 15 years;
  8. Contains minimum age requirements based on transport type in which the minimum age is 14 to 24 years.
  9. Contains a standardized set of legislation;   A comprehensive set of legislation for driving license application across Europe can greatly increase road safety.  Since the requirements to apply for the driving license is standardized due to the uniform legislation and testing requirements, it is expected that driver ability will improve.  Furthermore, management of mode of transport will be greatly upgraded.
  10. May include microchip;

Microchip promotes sharing of information across all member states although some member states may opt not to use microchip.  With this microchip technology, the European Commission hopes to track the movement of individuals and transport vehicles more easily.  Rationale is that this technology can help to reduce fraud that has been a major cause of concerns in Europe.

Motor Biking Across Europe:  Rules and Requirements

While it may appear the rules and requirements under this new driving license application, and in particular for motor biking across Europe, are overly detailed, the European Commission’s intend for the revisions were intended to enhance safety throughout all of the European Union.

The European Commission publicly stated that there will be a gradual access to motor bikes for young drivers under the new driving license application.  This demographic forms the most vulnerable road user group.

The following information applies directly to the rules and requirements for the  driving license application of motorbikes in the European Union.

  1.  Each member state will determine if medical examinations will be required and carried out on a regular basis.
  2. The categories for motorbikes are per below:
    1.  AM: mopeds max. design speed 45km/h, < 50 cm or power < 4kW, including light quadricycles;
    2. A1: light motorcycles, < 125cm³ or power < 11 kW with power/weight <0.1kW/kg, and light tricycles < 15 kW;
    3. A2: motorcycles, power <35kW with power/weight < 0.2 kW/kg and not derived from a vehicle with more than double its power;
    4. A: two-wheel motorcycles (including above 35 kW) and heavy tricycles > 15 kW.
    5. The age requirements for motorbikes are per below:
      1. AM: 16 years;
      2. A1: 16 years;
      3. A2: 18 years;
      4. A: 20 years (for progressive access).
      5. The conditions for motorbikes are per below:
        1. AM: Theory test required.  Practical test is optional.
        2. A1:  Theory and practical test required.
        3. A2: Theory and practical test required.  If previously passed A1, may opt for test or training.
        4. A: Pass test or training.
        5. The exception rules for motorbikes are per below.  Exception rules set limits to age of rider per type of motorbike.
          1. AM: up to 18 years;
          2. A1: up to 17 or 18 years;
          3. A2:  2 years minimum between A1 and A2, 19 or 20 years;
          4. A: 2 years minimum between A2 and A, 21 or 22 years.

The new European driving license requirements and standards can be found at  Please feel free to make your own reference at the source.

The European Commission’s efforts at re-aligning the driving license application process in the European Union decades ago.  Updates and changes were made as the EU continued to manage itself until the latest set of legislation were announced so that as of January 19, 2013 the above rules now apply.  It is expected that more changes and upgrades will follow as the European Commission continues to review and improve.

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