Mountain Bikes

When it comes to creating a list, that is not near exhaustive, about the “best mountain bike brands,” we narrowed the parameters to four factors that we deemed are the basic requirements of the mountain bike.  To be contenders of the “best mountain bike brands” the following must be present: integrity of warranty, quality of components, quality of frame, rider satisfaction.   Other considerations like material, weight, cost, and brand are valid, too, even though we have chosen not to use them as key points.

Integrity of warranty applies because a manufacturer that stands behind its product expects it to be worthy of scrutiny.  Quality of frame is per principle that the solid structure like a building or bridge will stand the test of time.  Quality of components relate to the pieces that make up the bike so that if one piece is under par, the whole is compromise.  Finally, rider satisfaction speaks for itself.

According to the public opinion website called The Top Tens (, Giant is the top contender when it comes to manufacturing mountain bicycles.  Starting in 1972, Giant has become a leading brand with more than 12, 000 retailers worldwide.  Not only do Giant bikes win design awards, but world championships and the champions who win them!

Specialized Bicycles ranks extremely highly with mountain bike riders in the brand department.  Specialized Bicycles is known as a trustworthy manufacturer that produces high quality frames, builds their bikes with high quality components and stands behind their warranty.  Well known in the competition arena, Specialized Bicycles holds its own as a top mountain bike brand maker. rated Trek’s Lush 29 SL as its number 1 of 13 “This Year’s Best New Mountain Bikes”.  When it comes to rider satisfaction and competitive cyclists, the Trek Bicycle Company is a top name brand.  Trek began in 1976 with the goal to build the best bikes in the world, to be evidenced in time by serious and successful riders like Sven Nys, Fabian Cancellara, Katie Compton, Melissa Stockwell, Brett Rheeder, just to name a few.  Trek is a major bicycle manufacturer and distributor.

Not to be confused with Giant, GT makes our list of “the best mountain bike brands.”    Its namesake Gary Turner designed one of the first Bicycle Motocross (BMX) bikes in 1972.  As time went on, GT continued to develop bicycle technology and components, and pushing the boundaries with new products and innovations.  GT wins races and shows off performances at public events, thus making it one of the well-known name brand producers in the world of mountain bicycling.

A relatively new member in the world of mountain bike manufacturing, the Santa Cruz bicycle manufacturer holds its own.  The most successful downhill race team in history is none other than the Santa Cruz Syndicate.  The Syndicate is celebrating their tenth season as well as their fourth World Championship title.  This commitment testifies to this company’s commitment to bicycling racing, not to mention its ability to push beyond current bicycling technology.

When it comes to top performers of proven mountain bikes, the list of manufacturers and distributors stretch long and far.  The ones mentioned here is a small list of providers; the choices are endless.  So, take your time to look around, you have a lot of options.

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