Velveeta Recall

The “Velveeta” group in the popular social media Facebook introduces itself and its friends-members with a melt-in-your-mouth banner that is as memorably as its much-loved Kraft Dinner.  It reads, “Welcome, Liquid Gold Lovers.  You look hungry.  So why are you here?  Go put some Liquid Gold on some Liquid Gold and eat it.”  At the time of writing, Velveeta Facebook has 156,033 likes and 2,570 friends talking.  The topic of discussion is it on Facebook and anywhere else, for that matter, leaves no room for speculation.  Kraft’s “Ultimate Cheeseburger Mac” has been placed under recall since January 20th.

As many as 525,000 cases of Kraft’s “Ultimate Cheeseburger Mac” are being recalled.  This shelf-stable pasta and ground beef product that is not only distributed nation-wide but also internationally.  As a popular variety of Velveeta, Cheesy Skillets Single microwaveable nine-ounce dish is missing an ingredient that may potentially cause allergic reactions in some of its consumers.

On January 19th, 2014, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), Kraft Velveeta Cheesy Skillets Singles “Ultimate Cheeseburger Mac” is being recalled due to “misbranding and undeclared allergens”.  The ingredient in question is soy.  About 1.77 million pounds of this product is being called back because it contains hydrolyzed soy protein and dried soy sauce, which were not listed on all the necessary labels.

These dinners are produced by Truitt Brothers Inc. of East Bernstadt, KY.  The company reported the incomplete ingredient list to the Department’s Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS).  The agency confirms that to date it has not received any incidents of allergic reactions or illnesses in relation to the error.  The products in question were made over the last seven months and sent to Kraft Foods distribution centers and retailers worldwide between May 6th, 2013 and January 16th, 2014.  They also have a “used by” or “sell by” date between March 2nd and October 23rd, 2014.  Identifying case codes are 00210000432900, 00210000432910, 0021000432925, 00210000464000, and 00210000465100.  FSIS officials identified that the unfortunate circumstance stemmed from a supplier’s inadvertent mix-up of labels.

Approximately two weeks prior to the recall, Kraft Foods confirmed reports of a Velveeta shortage due to “minor manufacturing challenges” and “seasonal demand”.  Kraft posted a statement on its Tumblr thanking Velveeta fans for their support during the shortage, “we are experiencing a temporary scarcity of our nation’s most precious commodity: liquid gold.”  A spokesperson for the company stated that if it were any other time of year except the Christmas-New Year holiday season, the shortage would not have been noticeable.  The shortage was only realized when a few stores on the East Coast reported running out of Velveeta.

FSIS and Kraft clarified that other Velveeta or Kraft products are not affected.  Consumers can direct their questions about the recall to the Kraft Foods Consumer Relations Center toll-free line at (800) 396-5512.  Should there be an actual or suspected reaction to the recalled “Ultimate Cheeseburger Mac”, seek the services of a health care provider.

“Liquid Gold” lovers may just have to wait a little bit longer for their special Kraft dinner, but what love affair has not be tested.  After all, is it not often said, “absence makes the heart grow fonder?”

Published at NewsChannelDaily

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