Preparing For Sexual Awakening

Today, I decided that I would share the personal account of a girl’s sexual revolution as a way to celebrate my identity as a woman.  I hope that telling my story will bring clarity and closure, and can be of encouragement to girls, women and those who are female at heart.

To begin, I was raised to believe that good girls do not.  Sex did not exist in my vocabulary.  It was something reserved for adults.

When I had my first period at the tender age of ten, much too early at the time, I was told that from then on I must not go near boys.  Avoid sitting with them in class.  Or risk going home with a baby!

It was never explained how I would end up with a baby simply by sitting next to a guy, but I started to feel insecure in my own skin.  I started to not trust myself.  What’s wrong with me, if I can’t even sit next to my classmate who just happens to be a boy.

Sometime within that year, I was given a little booklet that explained my menstrual cycle to me.  I clung on to it because it provided what little comfort I needed during those adolescent years.  My body blossomed but I saw only flaws, weight gain and obscured identity.  There was no one I could talk to.

Then, the one adult I may have confided in died suddenly in childbirth. A few days later, her newborn daughter was taken off life support.  From this loss, I began to hate the fact that I was born female.  I resented my uterus.  I directed all hate towards my monthly cycle.

When It Feels Good

This morning, I had a feel good conversation with my Dad.  Our topics ranged from the weather to their weekend activities to updates regarding my son’s developments, and we chatted about some of our exchanges with various members of the family.

My relationship with Dad tends to lean on the good side and we see many things eye to eye.  For subject matters where we differ we can accept each others’ point of view.

I suspect we get along because Dad was only twenty years old when I was born.  As the first born of four children who are generally three to four years apart, I was expected to set an example for my younger siblings.  Somewhere between growing up as Daddy’s girl and becoming an adult, our relationship matured.

I am thankful that Dad and I can talk about many things.  Today, I realized that we have cultivated a mutual respect for each other.  This feels good.  Very good!

Dad, I love you.

Daily Prompt: Earth Offers God, Sex and Reproduction!

Hello, I am an intergalactic traveler and I come in peace.  My call sign is Yeeapy Wordsmith, but you may call me Earthling.

As a gesture of friendship and goodwill, the people of Earth would like to offer you three gifts. Firstly, this is a New King James Version of the Holy Bible once owned by one of our most well-loved Christian Evangelist, Mr. Billy Graham.  The Bible is believed to be a book of instructions written by God.  It includes the story foretold by prophecies and mystical signs about young virgin girl who would give birth to the Son of God.  The babe would become the Savior of the world.

Secondly, we would like to offer you three magazines to show you how we live.  The “Cosmopolitan” magazine is about our relationships and the hunting prowess of the female species.  The “Fit Pregnancy” magazine shows the female’s stamina and strength; able to tolerate 30 Earth hours of excruciating labor pains, and she will return to reproduce again.  Finally, the “Sports Illustration: Swimsuit Issue” is popular with Earth’s male species. It was developed to program the male to seek out the female.  The rest, as we say, is history.

Finally, our third gift:  Our research tells us that our appearance in the universe is relatively short and inexperienced.  However, our success at mating is something we would highly recommend!  Don’t hesitate to look us up, eh?

2013 December 26th, Earth signing off.  Over & out.